Wait List FAQs 

What do you mean you are at capacity? I see empty tables...

     -We are limited in how many customers we are allowed to serve. When we reach capacity the host will add you to the wait list. Capacity is reached when we hit a certain amount of customers, not tables. 

How does the wait list work? 

     - The host will take your name, number and party size. You will receive a SMS that you have been added to the list including an estimation for when your table will be ready. When your table is ready you will receive an alert. You have 5 minutes to return to the host station to keep your table. You can check your status on the wait list within the SMS or communicate with the host through SMS. You may also cancel your table at anytime. 

Why isn't the wait time accurate?

      -The wait times the hostess can give you are only estimates. Being a Sports Bar, accurate wait times are challenging. The wait times can vary for numerous reasons, especially if there is a big game on. Wait times during any sporting event will be longer than an average wait.

How do I get on the wait list?

      - You must physically visit the host station to put yourself on the wait list.

How do I check how long the wait list is?

     View the waitlist with the link above.